Adrianna & Gilbert

Wedding Date: 10-13-17
Venue: Moorpark Country CLub
Video Ideas
Meeting Notes

Choosing Music

In order to make your video as custom as possible, we would love for you two to have input on the choosing of your wedding songs. Below are a number of beautiful songs that are separated by different genres of music. Don't feel obligated at all to choose a song or songs, we can take care of this for you or we love suggestions as well. We feel though that some of these songs have the ability to make your film a very one of a kind experience. If a song does get chosen by another couple we would like to use it only one time if possible..unless it was a must have for you, of course. (note: we will be adding new songs to each playlist weekly. If nothing else, please use these songs and playlist as a way for us to better understand what genre's of music you two are into :)

How to Access Music

*click "music" link below

*use login password:1234Eros

*click menu (top left on mobile) and click on "projects"

*search through your preferred genre playlist to find your films perfect song(s)!

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